livin in the Sprawl
I talk like a dreamer
and dream like a soldier

a deadbeat town
full of deadbeat people

My name is Levi
I like cheap wine
My sister is my hero
And I have a crush on Nanaba

♂ | ♊ | 19 | MT | INTP

brother | music enthusiast | swinger
hikikomori | smoker | drug addict
alcoholic | BPD | yandere
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I need the darkness
someone please cut the lights


Every picture tells a story but this one asks more questions than it answers

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Most girls on first day of school: -walks around school, finds old friends, gets new class list-
Me on first day of school: -stumbles into random music room, breaks expensive vase, accidentally joins a host club-
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do you ever see a headcanon so incorrect you have to sit down for a little bit

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saw your post in the otherkin tag, ive self-diagnosed myself with dissociative identity disorder because the one time a therapist brought it up, my mom flipped shit and made me get a new therapist because my mom doesnt believe in it

DID is not a personality disorder you uncultured swine.

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"Prepare for trouble"

"And make it double (penetration)" 

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are you fucking kidding me

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Not gonna lie some guy literally walked down my road an hour ago drawing faces on everybody’s cars

What a cockmunch

Like, he could have been nice and actually wiped their cars off

but instead he drew faces on them as if to say “I was here and put effort in to do something, but it was something useless.”


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Always wanted to put Levi in leather pants 

Based off this

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Link are you serious right now

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At least otherkins aren’t self-diagnosing with personality disorders.

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#personal #safe for now


There are people on this site who genuinely believe they are plants


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